How to Make a Healthy Hamburger and Save 400 Calories (Page 2)

English Muffin

1. How to Slim Down Your Hamburger Bun

Your average hamburger bun can really up the impact of a burger. Many come packed with 236 “empty” calories in a normal, white-bread bun. That can really add up! Fortunately, there are easy ways to slim down your bun.

What to Do If You’re a Guest:
If you’re a guest at a cookout, what should you do? Try scooping out the inside of the bun. Doing that can reduce your calorie intake by 25%—a savings of about 59 calories! Of course, that’s nothing compared to how many calories you can save if you’re hosting.

What to Do If You’re Hosting:
If you’re hosting a cookout, you can save even more calories by swapping in whole-wheat English muffins for your standard hamburger bun. This simple switch will save you 121 calories—and net you an extra 2 grams of fiber to boot!

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