How to Make a Healthy Hamburger and Save 400 Calories (Page 4)

Mustard & Ketchup

3. How to Slim Down Hamburger Toppings

As if the burger and bun weren’t enough, you can add a ton of calories to your cookout meal by smothering it in condiments. A puddle of sodium-packed ketchup and mustard and a square of fatty cheese add 84 calories. Of course, no one wants to eat a plain, dry burger, so what’s the best way to slim down your toppings?

If You’re a Guest:
The quick answer is to go Mexican! Try scooping a tablespoon of guacamole from the chips table. You can drop 65 calories and an incredible 517 mg of sodium.

What to Do If You’re Hosting:
If you’re hosting a BBQ and have control over the condiment tray, consider offering grilled vegetables like peppers and onions as toppings. They pack tons of delicious flavor and can help save you 72 calories, 585 mg of sodium and a bonus 3 grams of saturated fat.

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