How to Eat More and Weigh Less

5 simple tips to help you cut calories and stay satisfied.

If you’re tired of hearing diet advice to eat less, we have news you’re going to love.“By picking foods that are naturally lower in calories but larger in volume, you can eat a lot more food without worrying about what it will do to your waistline,” says Barbara Rolls, Ph.D., author of The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet (William Morrow, 2012). In fact, we tend to choose our food based on volume—not calorie count—and the quantity of food we eat each day stays remarkably consistent even though the number of calories we wolf down can vary. So, “lowering your food’s calorie density,” as researchers call it, is a smart—and healthy—way to satisfy your appetite and cut calories. These five research tested tips let you put this concept into practice.

—Karen Ansel, M.S., R.D.

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