How to Cook Fish (Page 2)

Choose Sustainable Fish

Pictured Recipe: Catfish Amandine

Choose Sustainable Fish

Download handy wallet-size guides for the best seafood choices from Blue Ocean Institute ( or Monterey Bay Aquarium ( Or look for fish with the Marine Stewardship Council seal.

Catfish: Look for U.S. farmed catfish—it's sustainably raised in nonpolluting in­land ponds, fed a mostly vegetarian diet.

Tilapia: U.S. farmed tilapia is considered the best choice—it's raised in closed farming systems that protect nearby ecosystems. Central and South American tilapia is considered a good alternative. Avoid farmed tilapia from China and Taiwan, where the fish farming pollutes the surrounding environment.

Haddock (Scrod): To get the best choice, ask for U.S. Atlantic "hook-and-line-caught" haddock—this method causes the least damage to the sea floor and has the least bycatch.

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