How to Cook Fish

Try our simple 3-step method to cook fish, plus fish recipes and fish sauces.

First, ask your local fish market or the fish counter at your favorite store what's fresh and what's sustainably caught. Depending on where you live, what's freshest might actually be fish that was frozen at sea and kept frozen until it arrived at your market (just defrost it overnight in your refrigerator before using). We like to use thinner white-fish fillets like catfish, tilapia and haddock, because they only take a few minutes to cook, but really you can use any kind of fish.

Next, follow our simple 3-step method to cook the fish. The technique is the same no matter what type of fish you have. Jazz it up with an easy no-cook sauce and you’ll have dinner on the table in no time.

—Carolyn Malcoun, Contributing Food Editor for EatingWell

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