Fresh vs. Canned vs. Frozen: Which Is Better? (Page 6)

Fresh Salmon

Fresh Salmon vs. Canned Salmon

Tuna isn't the only fish that comes in a can! Salmon does, too, but should you use it over fresh? The answer is, it depends. The pros of canned salmon are that it’s inexpensive ($2.50 for a can compared to $13 a pound for fresh), it has a long shelf life and it’s cooked and ready to use. The cons are that it’s higher in sodium than fresh and some cans come with skin and bones (some people find that off-putting). And you can’t substitute a can of salmon for a pretty fillet in a recipe. Stick with canned salmon if you want a quick sandwich filling or use it to top a salad. If it’s a fillet you’re after, stick with fresh.

Winner: It’s a tie!

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