Fresh vs. Canned vs. Frozen: Which Is Better? (Page 4)

Fresh Lemon Juice

Fresh Lemon Juice vs. Bottled Lemon Juice

Do you squeeze the juice from a fresh lemon when you need it or do you just reach into your fridge and use the bottled stuff? If it’s the latter, then you might want to reconsider putting in the effort to use fresh lemon juice. Bottled lemon juice may have additives that have very little to do with lemons (like citric acid, sugar and water). And if you’ve ever tasted bottled lemon juice, you’ll notice that the flavor is a little off—not bright and lemony like the real stuff. Stick with squeezing fresh lemons. To have lemon juice on hand without always buying fresh lemons, squeeze a bunch of lemons and freeze the juice in ice cube trays to use as needed.

Winner: Fresh lemon juice!

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