Crock-Pot Recipes to Cook Once, Eat Twice

Time-saving and money-saving crock pot recipes to help you get two meals out of one.

Though I love to cook, there are days when I’m so busy that all I want is a quick solution to dinner. Enter the slow cooker: it’s the best time-management tool any cook can have. A slow cooker allows me to prep ingredients for a recipe when it fits my schedule, then throw everything in the slow cooker, go out to work or run errands, and when I get home I don’t have to start fussing with dinner—the work’s already done.

You can also double the time-saving power of the slow cooker by using it to cook big batches of food. Sure, you can eat the leftovers later in the week. But even better, you can easily transform those leftovers into a totally different meal the next night by adding a few fresh ingredients or different seasonings. With this slow-cook-once, eat-twice strategy in mind, I’ve developed four slow-cooker recipes that provide the basis for quick-and-easy second meals.

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—Judith Finlayson, "Slow Food, Fast," January, February 2011

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