8 Biggest Thanksgiving Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them) (Page 5)

Undercooking the Turkey

Mistake 4: Undercooking your bird

Nobody wants to sit down to bloody-looking Thanksgiving turkey. So have patience and let your bird cook until it’s done! Now the only real secret here is that you must, and I mean must, invest in a meat thermometer. They are inexpensive and you can find them at the supermarket. Forget jiggling the leg around or piercing with a fork until the juices run clear. Just get the thermometer! To properly use it, insert it into the deepest part of several areas of the bird. I temp both the breasts and thighs. And make sure not to let the thermometer touch bone. Leave it in the bird for about 20 seconds, and voilà. If you want to get fancy, try a remote digital thermometer. You can put the sensor in the bird and then read the temp from outside the oven. High-tech, convenient and nice to have…but not necessary.

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