8 Biggest Thanksgiving Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them) (Page 2)

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Mistake 1: Getting started without a game plan

For me, the more dishes at Thanksgiving, the better. And the same goes for guests. But it can all go awry if you haven’t thought through a real plan. You don’t want to be stuck with an overly ambitious plan of cooking 8 different dishes with only 24 hours to pull it all off. So plan in advance. Sit down, write out your guest list and your menu. Find the recipes you’re going to cook and figure out what can be done in advance. Write a day-by-day plan of what you’ll do on each day. Want some ideas to get started? Check out our Easy Thanksgiving Menu and Planner, with delicious recipes and detailed instructions of what to make when, starting 3 days before the big meal.

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