7 Coffee-Brewing Mistakes

7 Coffee Mistakes Keeping You from a Perfect Cup.

For many of us, the promise of a good cup of coffee gets us out of bed in the morning. But coffee is very personal. Whether you choose to brew your coffee in a single-cup brewer, an automatic coffee maker or a French press, keep in mind there are variables that can affect the quality of the coffee you make. There is a reason the coffee from your local coffee shop tastes better. The coffee is freshly brewed, the beans were just ground, the milk was just steamed and the machine costs as much as a small car.

While we can’t all have the fancy machine (and barista to make the coffee), we can take some lessons from coffee shops to brew a perfect cup of coffee at home. Here are 7 of the most common and easily remedied coffee-brewing mistakes that stand between you and a great cup of coffee:

Breana Lai, Associate Food Editor

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