6 Tips for How to Cook Pasta Perfectly (Page 6)

Pick the Best Shape for Your Meal

5. Pick the Best Shape for Your Meal

From spaghetti to linguine to penne to ziti… there are plenty of pasta shapes out there to choose from and a lot of it comes down to personal preference. But here’s a simple breakdown of the best shapes for specific recipes: The nooks and crannies of fusilli, for instance, offer a cozy refuge for nuts and pieces of meat and vegetables in a pasta salad or Bolognese sauce. In contrast, smooth tomato sauces, pestos and light cream recipes work best with long thin pastas, such as spaghetti, because they coat the strands evenly. Tubular pasta (like rigatoni and penne) cook up to larger volumes than their nontubular counterparts, which can be an advantage if you’re trying to monitor your serving size. Since they’re filled with air in the middle, the serving size appears larger, which may trick your brain into thinking you are eating more than you actually are. Try these when you’re making richer dishes like baked ziti.

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