5 Tricks for Healthier Pasta Dinners at Home (Page 2)

Choose Whole-Wheat Pasta

1. Choose Whole-Wheat Pasta

Almost every major brand of pasta at the supermarket offers a whole-wheat or whole-grain option. This is great news: whole-wheat and whole-grain pasta have up to twice the fiber of white-flour pasta, and retain some of the trace minerals not added back to white-flour pasta during the enrichment process. Plus, whole-wheat and whole-grain pasta have a nice nutty flavor and a pleasant chewy texture that I have grown to love. I think of them as pasta with a backbone.

If you prefer to ease into the world of whole-wheat pasta, try a blend. Blends have a varying percentage of whole grain to refined flour. You’ll sacrifice some fiber, but you still get an average of 2 grams more per serving compared to white pasta.

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