5 Thanksgiving Disasters You Can Fix: Here’s How (Page 5)

4. You Don’t Have Enough Oven Space

4. You Don’t Have Enough Oven Space

If you can’t get everything ready at the same time, some of your dishes may cool before everything is ready. This is possibly the most challenging part of Thanksgiving. The oven is occupied and so are the burners on your stove. Here are a few ways to keep stuff warm: Got a slow cooker? Put it to work. Make mashed potatoes early, put them in your slow cooker on the warm setting and walk away. They’ll stay heated for a couple of hours with no tending involved. Another tactic is to take advantage of the "turkey resting period" (the time between when the turkey comes out of the oven and when you carve, usually about 20 to 30 minutes). If your side dishes are just sitting around getting cold, tuck them into your toasty (turned-off) oven while the turkey rests. And remember, don’t stress. The food doesn’t have to be piping hot—that’s what gravy is for!

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