5 Thanksgiving Disasters You Can Fix: Here’s How (Page 2)

1. No Roasting Pan

1. No Roasting Pan

It’s Thanksgiving morning, you don’t have a fancy roasting pan and the kitchen store is closed. Don’t freak—you have options. Most conventional grocery stores are open the morning of Thanksgiving. Your best bet is to grab an aluminum roaster from the kitchen aisle. Better yet, grab two. A double layer will retain the heat better than a single pan. No grocery stores? No worries. You (or your neighbor) probably have a broiler pan (the small rimmed pan with a grate on top). Take the grate off and voilà, you have a small roasting pan. If your bird hangs over the pan, make sure to place a rack covered in foil below your turkey to catch any drippings. Turkey fat hitting a hot oven can smoke up your kitchen in just minutes—or worse, start a fire. If your turkey is too large for a broiler pan, use a rimmed baking sheet.

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