5 Risky Refrigerator Mistakes to Avoid (Page 4)

You Turn the Temperature Down Too Low

Mistake #3. You Turn the Temperature Down Too Low

It can be a little unnerving letting all the cold air escape while you put away your groceries. Having the door of your fridge hanging wide open lets all the cold air out, so to compensate you turn the temperature down "temporarily." That’s fine, but it’s an easy detail to forget—and your fridge eats up even more electricity and you get ice crystals floating in your milk and frozen fruits and vegetables suitable for the compost bin. As long as it’s not overstuffed and is sealed properly, even if you have left the door open for a minute or two your fridge can catch up to the temperature loss on its own before the food inside has a chance to spoil. Make sure you have a thermometer somewhere in your fridge. (If not, it’s time to invest in one.) You want to make sure the temperature is somewhere between 35 and 38 degrees F: not cold enough to freeze things and not warm enough for them to spoil quickly either. Make small adjustments and give it an hour to two (or more, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions) until it reaches the right zone.

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