10 Tips to Help You Eat Well for Life

Easy ways you can eat for better health

Easy ways to eat for better health.

After decades of consuming fast food and processed snacks, following fad diets, downing energy drinks and popping supplements, Americans are starting to turn back to the simple art of eating well. Perhaps the wake-up call is that some of the biggest killers in our country—heart disease and type 2 diabetes—could be reduced with a healthier diet. Or that nearly one in three children is overweight or obese. Everywhere there’s a renewed interest in cooking and where our food comes from. We like to think that the change has come with the realization that—armed with the right tools, recipes and nutritional information—you can make food that is both delicious and healthy, quick and easy, satisfying and slimming. These 10 tips will help you eat well for life. Download a FREE Healthy Salad Recipes Cookbook!

—Jessie Price, The Simple Art of EatingWell

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