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Be a Savvy Shopper

Tip 6: Be a Savvy Shopper

One of the best ways to make healthy cooking a breeze is to be a smart shopper. That starts with planning meals and making a detailed shopping list grouped by the layout of your supermarket before you head to the store. It makes your trip much less stressful (not to mention faster) if you don’t have to backtrack when you’re already at the register because you realize that you forgot the carrots. Concentrate your shopping in the outer sections of most supermarkets—produce, seafood, meat and dairy departments—where the healthiest and least-processed ingredients tend to be. In the freezer section, head for frozen vegetables and fruits. In the inner aisles, go for healthy staples like whole grains, canned or dried beans, canned tomatoes, spices and plenty of tasty condiments.

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