The Best & Worst Deals at Trader Joe's (Page 9)


What to Buy: Wine

Perhaps the deal that Trader Joe’s is best known for? Cheap wine—so cheap in fact that when California stores began selling Charles Shaw wines at $1.99 a bottle, the brand earned the nickname Two-Buck Chuck. OK, maybe not a sommelier’s favorite, but for this and other wines under $20, you can usually take a few bucks off liquor-store pricing. As Brooks notes: “They have amazing deals for wine. For anywhere from $6 to $10 you can get a good bottle of wine—you would be surprised at how good it is. And then for $10 to $20 you get bottles that would be $20 to 30 elsewhere.”

But what I think is the real beauty of Trader Joe’s is that it’s a place that inspires conversation. So you tell us, what do you think are the best and worst deals at the stores you shop

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