The Best & Worst Deals at Trader Joe's (Page 8)

What to Buy: Frozen Foods

As for the freezer: my sister swears by Trader Joe’s frozen wild sockeye smoked salmon ($17.99 a pound, versus $27.96 a pound for smoked Atlantic salmon at other stores) and jumbo frozen wild scallops ($11.99 a pound, versus $15.99). The people we polled named all sorts of frozen appetizers and entrees as their favorite go-to meals. As Brooks says, “The nice thing is a lot of their stuff is frozen or shelf-stable—you just whip it out of the freezer or your pantry and you have a party.” Good deals include frozen rice, ethnic items like naan (an Indian bread) and frozen fruit, such as mango chunks. As for frozen meals, some top-sellers Brooks points to include Mandarin Orange Chicken, Penne Arrabiata and Tarte d’Alsace—a thin pizza topped with Gruyère cheese, creamy caramelized onions and ham.

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