Shrimp Shopping Guide

Find out how to buy the best shrimp for your health and the environment.

To buy the best shrimp—environmentally sound, delicious and healthy—read the labels or ask your local fishmonger. Here’s what you need to know:

Wild Shrimp to Choose

There are over 3,000 species of shrimp but only four considered sustainable: pink shrimp from Oregon (a Seafood Watch best choice); spot prawns from the Pacific Northwest; brown, white and pink shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico (except Louisiana); and any shrimp from U.S. and Canadian waters in the northern Atlantic.

  • Look for the Marine Stewardship Council certification label to ensure you’re getting sustainably fished shrimp.
  • Brands that follow sustainable practices include Shrimper’s Pride and Dominick’s.
  • While frozen has the fresh-ocean flavor, try Wild Planet’s canned Oregon pink shrimp for a quick salad.

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