Healthy Thanksgiving Guide

Our 6 tips for a delicious and healthy Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving is all about abundance—or, often, overabundance. Everyone wants to bring their favorite dish, or needs to have both pumpkin and apple pie (with whipped cream on top, please). With all the rich, heavy choices, there’s a distinct chance that Thanksgiving will turn out to be about overindulgence. You’ll be staggering away from the table, barely able to move. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With reasonable portion sizes and healthier dishes that don’t sacrifice flavor, Thanksgiving dinner can still be joyful, delicious and healthy. Look to EatingWell for traditional roast turkeys with gravy, tasty stuffings, quick sides plus plenty of delicious options for vegetarians. Luscious desserts prove that you can have a healthy dessert—and enjoy it too! Download a FREE Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipe Cookbook!



Use a cooking bag for the turkey for natural juices. The turkey stays moist and the clean up is a snap! Who says you have to make gravy? I use the juices ( pour off the fat) naturally, no thickening agents(flour or cornstarch). A tablespoon goes a long way!


11/20/2009 - 6:06pm

Thank you for these valuable healthy choices.


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