Guide to Cooking for Two

Helpful shopping tips and useful products just for two.

When you cook for two, it can be hard to find products in sizes that don’t waste money or food. But if you know what to look for, you can find products that are perfect for pairs. Here’s a list of helpful shopping strategies and items that work when you cook for two.

In the Produce Section

Packages of fresh mixed herbs, often labeled "poultry seasoning," "seafood blend" and "soup and stew blend," combine sprigs of several fresh herbs in one package. Check the label for which herbs best fit your needs for the upcoming week.

Six-ounce bags of greens, such as spinach, arugula, watercress and mixed salad greens, are perfect for serving a pair.

Consider tubes of pureed herbs, like Gourmet Gardens brand, which store well in your refrigerator or freezer. This way you won't end up wasting nearly an entire bunch of herbs if you only need a few sprigs.

Small, individual vegetables, particularly onions, are often easier to find in the organic section.

Fresh prepackaged mixed stir-fry vegetables are good for two.

Large supermarkets often carry washed, precut fruits and vegetables so you can buy just the amount you need.

Avoid waste, use the salad bar! A full container of cherry tomatoes or a whole bag of shredded cabbage may be an impractical purchase, so select just what you need at the salad bar.

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