Green Choices: Seafood Buyer’s Guide

Which labels to look for at the fish counter.

You may have decided to buy wild vs. farmed salmon but finding other sustainable seafood isn’t an easy task. At present the USDA has no organic certification program for seafood (an organic seafood label may mean nothing or that the fish was certified “organic” overseas). For sound environmental information, go the Blue Ocean Institute and Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch websites. At the fish counter, look for the labels listed below.

More Fish and Seafood Buying Resources

Fish and Seafood Buying Resources

Carry a Pocket Guide.

Carl Safina’s Blue Ocean Institute ( and Seafood Watch ( have handy wallet-size guides for seafood and sushi that you can download or order.

Ask the Fish Phone!

Text 30644 with the word “fish” followed by a space and the seafood you are considering. In about 10 seconds you will get up-to-date information from the Blue Ocean Institute, which has facts and sustainability ratings for more than 90 species of seafood.

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