Gluten-Free Diet: Guide to Grains & Starches

Which grains and starches should you avoid—and which are safe?

For those who have celiac disease or are sensitive to gluten, following a gluten-free diet means giving up many grains, pastas, cereals and processed foods. There are, however, tasty grain and starch alternatives to wheat and other sources of gluten. Here our nutrition experts offer a handy list of grains and starches for people trying to avoid gluten in their diet.

Gluten-Free "Safe" Grains

* Amaranth
* Buckwheat
* Corn
* Finger millet (Ragi)
* Job’s tears
* Millet
* Montina (Indian rice grass)
* Quinoa
* Rice
* Sorghum
* Tef (or teff)
* Wild rice

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