Food Safety Basics

Be Smart—Keep Foods Apart

Food-borne illness can be spread when bacteria-infected uncooked foods come in contact with cooked or ready-to-eat foods, such as fruits and raw vegetables. Avoid cross-contamination by having at least two cutting boards, one for meat or fish and another for fresh produce.

When to Shop

  • If possible, go grocery shopping as your last errand before heading home. If you must run other errands, put a cooler in the car and buy a bag of ice to keep the perishables chilled. In fact, in hotter climates, you need a cooler in the car even if shopping is your last stop. Forty-five minutes in summertime traffic can render meat rancid, milk spoiled and butter liquid.
  • While you shop: Put meats or fish in plastic bags before you stick them in your cart so they don’t drip on the vegetables or pantry items.

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