6 Easy Steps to Stuffing Artichokes

These step-by-step photos you will have you mastering artichokes in no time.

The stuffing can be as easy as seasoned breadcrumbs, or if you want something a little fancier, try couscous, sausage or seafood. Just keep in mind that you’ll need about 1 cup of stuffing per artichoke. Be prepared to give a little coaching on how to eat them. Just pick off each leaf and scrape the base of it with your teeth. You’ll get a taste of stuffing and the little fleshy bit from the bottom of the leaf. Once you work your way through the outer leaves you’ll get to the more tender and more edible inner leaves. Keep going and you’ll get to the artichoke bottom filled with the jackpot of stuffing. Use a knife and fork for this part. And enjoy!

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