7 Money-Saving Tips to Cut Your Grocery Food Bill By $30 a Week (Page 6)

Buy Oranges in the Winter and Skip Berries

5. Buy Oranges in the Winter and Skip Berries

Many shoppers have grown accustomed to eating whatever fruit or vegetable they want to year-round, regardless of whether it’s in season. This probably isn’t a good thing for quality reasons (in-season produce always seems to taste better, for one thing) and it certainly isn’t good for your budget. Eating in season is less costly. Take strawberries, for example. They’re a great source of vitamin C, but a pint of strawberries in the winter will set you back $3.50 or more. A large navel orange, on the other hand, is another great source of vitamin C and that will cost you only about 75 cents.
Money Saved: $2.75

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