6 Simple Changes That Could Help You Save $2,997 a Year (Page 2)

1. Eat Vegetarian a Few Nights a Week

Try to include a couple of vegetarian meals in your menu for the week. Skipping meat, even once or twice a week, can help save money, since meat is usually the most expensive part of a meal. And you will have a lighter impact on the environment—almost one-fifth of the world’s manmade greenhouse-gas emissions are generated by the meat industry, according to the United Nations. This Szechuan Tofu & Green Bean Stir-Fry is just a 30-minute recipe, so you can have a healthy, delicious and meatless dinner ready in a snap.

Save $210 per year. (Replace 1 pound of sirloin [$5.99] with a 14-ounce block of tofu [$1.96] once a week for a year.)

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