12 Secrets to Spending Less at the Grocery Store (Page 8)

Tip 7: Shop the club stores.

Club stores, such as Costco and Sam’s Club, do have some great deals. For some of us (especially those with space in the house to store things like giant packages of toilet paper) the up-front membership fee pays for itself in no time. Two things to keep in mind when you shop at these stores: don’t go overboard and don’t always assume that you’re getting a better deal at the club store. Do a little research before you shop and compare prices per weight to those in regular stores. Go in with a plan to avoid overpurchasing. We like to stock up on boxed broth, olive oil, frozen fish, canned tomatoes and nuts (to keep in the freezer). Be careful about buying produce at these stores. Only buy it if you’re sure you can use it all up before it goes bad.

Tip 8: Shop the ethnic markets and grocery store aisles. »

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