Easy Recipes for Thanksgiving Appetizers

Recipe Makeovers

  1. The Skinny Starch
    The Skinny Starch

    Swap potatoes for this cauliflower mash to cut carbs and calories.

  2. Creamy Homemade Green-Bean Casserole
    Creamy Homemade Green-Bean Casserole

    Make this classic Thanksgiving side from scratch to cut down on calories and fat.

  3. Creamy Homemade Green-Bean Casserole
    Stunning Stuffing

    Whether you call it stuffing or dressing, learn to make it perfectly pleasing for all your guests.

Thanksgiving Favorites

  1. Lightened-Up Thanksgiving DessertsLightened-Up Thanksgiving Desserts

    Holiday pies, cakes and treats that won't pack on the pounds.

  2. Last-Minute Thanksgiving SidesLast-Minute Thanksgiving Sides

    Wow your guests with these simple sides that come together after the turkey's finished cooking.

  3. Spectacular StuffingsSpectacular Stuffings

    Satisfy your taste buds with these fresh takes on the Thanksgiving specialty.

Quick Dinner Solutions

  1. Easy Thanksgiving WeekEasy Thanksgiving Week

    Enjoy this week's meal plan featuring light & easy recipes that will have you in and out of the kitchen in no time.

  2. Freezer CasserolesFreezer Casseroles

    Premake and freeze these cozy casseroles for easy weeknight meals.

  3. Top Crock Pot Tips
    Top Crock Pot Tips

    Get the inside scoop on making slow-cooker meals easier and tastier.

Budget Eating 101

  1. Budget-Friendly Thanksgiving MenuBudget-Friendly Thanksgiving Menu

    Build a better Thanksgiving menu for less than $7 per serving.

  2. 12 Money-Saving Secrets12 Money-Saving Secrets

    These tips help you save big at the grocery store.

  3. Healthy on a Budget
    Healthy on a Budget

    One week of dinners that won't break the bank.

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