Virtual Farmstands Offer Local Farmers' Market Products Online

By Gretel H. Schueller, "The Virtual Farmstand," March/April 2013

Find out how increasingly popular online farmstands combine the bounty of local farmers' markets with the convenience of online shopping.
Region: Nationwide
Beyond Meat & Veggies: Maine lobsters, dill pickles, dog food, grapeseed oil
The Deal: Hand-selected sustainable family farms around the country, most organic.
Region: Virginia, Baltimore, D.C.
Beyond Meat & Veggies: Local trout, pet food, buckwheat pound cake
The Deal: While the emphasis is on local and organic products, it also offers some conventional grocery store brands.
Region: Texas
Beyond Meat & Veggies: Local kombucha, lemon marmalade, a prepacked “local box” of produce, which could include limes, avocados, arugula and pea sprouts
The Deal: Dedicated to local agriculture and sustainable farming, but also offers Heifer International shares and some national organic food brands.
Region: Vermont, with plans to expand
Beyond Meat & Veggies: Croissants, applesauce, mustard, honey, maple syrup
The Deal: Neighborhood farms and food artisans (after receiving setup support, each local market is independently operated).
Region: California’s Bay Area, with plans to go nationwide
Beyond Meat & Veggies: Gluten-free breads, fresh crab, piroshki, baby food, bagels, soul food
The Deal: Only local farms and food artisans.

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