Moose Nation

Exemplifying the North Woods of north-central Canada through the Upper Midwest of the United States, Moose Nation hosts the highest percentage of subsistence hunters and fisherfolk of any region in North America. Moose meat may be the mainstay in the larder of hunters and trappers, but many other species of game abound. Some, such as the musk oxen of the Arctic Circle, have suffered severe declines historically.

Nevertheless, the long summer days of Moose Nation offer an abundance of wild berries, big game, and oil-rich fish. The extent and health of this region are already being reshaped by the effects of global warming. At least five of its traditional foods are already threatened or endangered, and many more may soon be added to that list.

– excerpted from Renewing America’s Food Traditions, edited by Gary Nabhan, with the permission of Chelsea Green Publishing (

Disappearing Foods

* Musk-ox
* Northern Giant Cabbage
* Northwestern Minnesota Moose
* Short and Thick Parsnip
* Steller's Eider (Duck)
* Tom Watson Watermelon

Tips to preserve heritage and heirloom foods:
• Become a seed saver through the Seed Saver Exchange (
• Purchase heirloom produce and heritage livestock breeds (American Livestock Breeds Conservancy,
• If you think a food is endangered, nominate it to the Slow Ark of Taste,
• Support community agriculture, farmers markets and local food groups.
• Attend events that celebrate local foods.
Read more about Renewing America’s Food Traditions (RAFT).

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