How to Grow Microgreens

By Melissa Pasanen, "Salad's Mini-Me," March/April 2011

Step-by-step instructions to grow your own windowsill microgreens

Microgreens, the first shoots of plants like collard greens, beet greens and mustard greens, are prized by chefs for their beauty and concentrated fresh flavor. They’re increasingly available for everyone to buy…for a price (some fetch up to $50 a pound). But for less than $10 you can buy the seeds and soil to cultivate your own windowsill crop. Here’s how:

1. Buy seeds. Try a mix for a variety of colors and flavors (look for mixed seed packets). Territorial Seed Company ( sells a “Micro Greens Mix” and carries “Micro-Greens Sampler” kits with instructions.

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