EatingWell's Guide for How to Start a Kitchen Garden

By Hilary Meyer, "Spring into Gardening," March/April 2011

5 things you need to get your garden growing, from the ground up.

Seed Sources

One of our favorite organic seed companies, High Mowing Seeds (, now offers customized EatingWell seed collections, such as the Garden Starter Collection and the Kitchen Herbs Collection.

Specializing in Asian vegetables, Kitazawa Seed Company ( is a great place to find off-the-beaten-path items like Chinese celery and Shiso leaves. The company was started in 1917 in San Jose, California.

The best reason to start your own garden: tomatoes. I love Gary Ibsen’s Tomato Fest ( He offers over 600 organic heirloom tomato seeds suitable to grow in almost any climate or any space, including rooftops and patios.

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