Fresh Recipes from EatingWell’s Garden

By Carolyn Malcoun, Hilary Meyer, "First Harvest," March/April 2011

Fresh spring recipes and inspiration came when we planted and cooked from our own garden.

Finally it was time to plant something! We started with whatever would tolerate a little frost—myriad lettuces, dark leafy greens, golden and Chioggia beets, carrots that ran the breadth of the rainbow, purple-topped turnips, aromatic leeks and onions, sugar snap and snow peas. Within a couple of days, little shoots emerged from the soil’s surface, tiny arms stretching up, reaching for the sun’s warm rays.

A few weeks later, Dan and I were swimming in tender lettuces, spicy radishes and the first leaves of ruby-red chard and purple-veined kale. Russ and Hilary had started their seeds earlier and were already pulling up tiny turnips and multicolored beets. As we rinsed flecks of soil from the baby greens we had thinned from the garden to make a salad for dinner, the memories of sore muscles and raw hands faded away. The hard work had paid off, and we were now preparing to enjoy the bounty of our first harvest. I couldn’t wait to dig in.

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