A simple way to load up on nature’s superfoods.

"I live by this. It is my mantra and what I try to project to those that I come in contact with, in and out of the clinic! Thank you for this article! "

Did you know that you can get what your body needs just by eating a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables? Nature has found a clever way to highlight the nutrients in foods: different nutrients actually impart different colors to the foods they’re in. For instance, the anthocyanins that turn blueberries blue can also keep your mind sharp, the lycopene that turns watermelon and tomatoes red may also help protect against prostate and breast cancers, and the beta carotene that makes carrots and sweet potatoes orange can help keep your bones strong, your eyes healthy and boost your immune system. While fresh fruits and vegetables are great in season, frozen ones are convenient to keep on hand and just as nutritious. So load up!

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