Summer of Love

By Stephanie Pierson, "Summer of Love," July/August 2010

Author Stephanie Pierson writes about fruits, vegetables, friendships and love.

The second thing was that I simply could not say no. So I didn’t. Yes, to a dozen ears of the butter-and-sugar corn. Yes, I’ll take the pear tomatoes for Fresh Pomodoro Pasta, White Beans & Olives. My whole family is crazy about Tomato Gratin so I’ll take those gorgeous heirlooms. Yup, all of them. Two pints of blackberries for... what? Maybe a blackberry cobbler. Or Rustic Berry Tart. Wait, are those yellow raspberries? Ooh—Lemon-Raspberry Muffins!

Well, you get the picture.

What started as enthusiasm turned into obsession. Which worked for me. If I hadn’t come home that morning with bags and bags of fruits and vegetables (most of which needed to be cleaned, cooked, coddled, cared for right away), Phoebe would never have offered to help me shell those peas. And she would never have poured out her heart about Jake and love and relationships. I hugged her and listened to everything she had to say.

She hugged me back and cried. I said only two things to her, both of which I knew to be true: “I know you’ll make the right choices.” And “Hey, don’t cry into the pea pods or they’ll get soggy,” which made both of us laugh. I knew this was a conversation that could be continued.

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