A Humorous Look at Hot Food Trends for 2012

By Cheryl Sternman Rule, "17 Trends for 2012," January/February 2012

Author Cheryl Sternman Rule shares her 17 hilarious picks for not-to-miss food trends of 2012.

"Cheryl, Rarely does anything make me laugh our loud, but your look ahead to 2012 certainly did! Thank you for contributing this. Nancy "

10. Kale chips—once the provenance of health-conscious home cooks—will be co-opted on a grand scale by food manufacturers. Look for pre-packaged versions with extra salt, oil and preservatives. (Flavors include cinnamon-sugar, nacho cheese and lite-bacon-chipotle.)

11. Bye-bye, flaxseeds; hello, chia seeds. Demand for these trendy, plant-based sources of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids will be so high, websites will post how-to guides on getting Chia Pets to mate.

12.Meatless Mondays will be moved to Wednesdays, but will keep its original name for the sake of brand recognition.

13. Tired of ho-hum yogurt in the same 63 varieties? You’re not alone. Check your grocer’s shelves for new vegan yogurt flavors, such as Tempeh Temptation, Strawberry Seitan and Tofu Teriyaki.

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