A Humorous Look at Hot Food Trends for 2012

By Cheryl Sternman Rule, "17 Trends for 2012," January/February 2012

Author Cheryl Sternman Rule shares her 17 hilarious picks for not-to-miss food trends of 2012.

"Cheryl, Rarely does anything make me laugh our loud, but your look ahead to 2012 certainly did! Thank you for contributing this. Nancy "

Be honest: How many lists of top food trends have you already read? Five? Ten? Fifty? Forget them all. This one, right here, is the only one you’ll need.

1. Bananas will be yellow.

2. People will eat cupcakes. People will eat bacon. People will eat pie. People will breathe air, drink water and get pregnant, though not necessarily in that order.

3. Kombucha will remain wildly popular, so get used to rolling that word around on your tongue. Of course, only six people know what it actually is.

4. A well-known pizza chain will invent a new way to put even more cheese on its pizza: by injecting cheese into the cheese.

5. A well-known donut chain will debut a donut whose hole is stuffed with a fully loaded baked potato.

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