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Do Produce Washes Remove Pesticides?

7. Do Produce Washes Remove Pesticides?

Though some commercial cleaning solutions specifically designed for fresh fruits and vegetables may help remove additional dirt and bacteria, the effectiveness of these produce washes is not currently standardized. What’s more, it has yet to be shown that commercial washes clean produce better than water does to an extent that justifies the added expense. If you do purchase a produce wash, steer clear of ones that are chemical-based.

The FDA recommends washing all produce (including produce you plan to peel) under running water and drying it with a clean cloth or paper towel to further reduce bacteria. Be sure to also wash even produce that has a tough skin—such as cantaloupe, avocado and cucumbers—as the bacteria on the outside can transfer via your knife to the flesh. The FDA suggests you scrub these and other firm fruits and vegetables with a clean produce brush.

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