What Chemicals Are in Food? Simple Solutions to Avoid Harmful Toxins in Food

By Melinda Wenner Moyer, "How you can avoid BPA, mercury, pesticides and more chemicals in your food.," September/October 2011

How you can avoid BPA, mercury, pesticides and more chemicals in your food.

"Thank you for this article. This has long been a concern for our family. Luckily my in-laws raise grass fed beef, chicken, and organic pork. I would love a source for more food companies that have eliminated BPA and other toxins from...

How You Can Minimize Your Exposure

I realized that I had to do what I could in the next eight months to minimize my exposure—and my baby’s—to potentially harmful chemicals. Babies and children are particularly vulnerable because they’re smaller and growing so rapidly. Sure, it was going to be impossible to control everything—I still had to breathe in the city smog, and I wasn’t going to stop ordering takeout food, even though the vegetables in my Drunken Noodles almost certainly weren’t organic. But there was still a lot I could do.

Bite by bite and sip by sip, I analyzed my daily food habits, discovering toxins hiding in places I least expected. Then I made some simple changes to cut these chemicals out of my life—and my unborn child’s.

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