Sources for Organic Thanksgiving Ingredients

Here’s a quick guide to finding ingredients for an all-organic Thanksgiving.

Ideally you will be able to purchase organic ingredients for your Thanksgiving locally. Most major supermarkets carry organic produce and products. Check local natural-foods stores, specialty gourmet stores like Whole Foods Market, farmers’ markets or farms for organic ingredients.

If you are having trouble finding organic products:

  • Ask friends and colleagues if they know of any resources.
  • Tell your supermarket produce manager that you would buy organic produce if it were available.
  • Search on to find sustainably grown and organic products in your geographic region.
  • Shop online if you can’t find organic ingredients locally. Sites with a big organic selection include, and

Here are some organic brands and resources we have found:

Flour - Arrowhead Mills, King Arthur Flour, Hodgson Mill and Bob’s Red Mill brands make organic flour. Check out each company’s website for direct ordering or local purchasing information. 
Apple cider – Look for a good local brand of organic cider. If you can’t find that, substitute organic apple juice like R.W. Knudsen, Solana Gold Organics, Santa Cruz Organic, Martinelli’s Gold Medal or Earth’s Best.
Brown sugar – Hain makes organic brown sugar.
Chestnuts - or
Cherries, dried tart -
Chicken broth Pacific Natural Foods, Swanson and Imagine make organic chicken broth.
Cider vinegar – Look for Bragg brand.
Crystallized ginger – Frontier Natural Products Co-op sells organic crystallized ginger.
Fresh cranberries -
Gingersnap cookies – Look for Mi-Del and Earthbound Farm brands.
Low-fat vanilla ice cream  - Look for local low-fat organic ice creams or substitute Stonyfield Farm nonfat vanilla frozen yogurt
Maple syrup -
Oils - Spectrum makes a variety of organic oils.
Old-fashioned rolled oats – Look for Barry Farm Foods and NOW Foods brands.
Port or other sweet red wine -
Prepared cornbread – Arrowhead Mills, Bob’s Red Mill and Hodgson Mill all have organic cornbread mixes, or make your own cornbread from organic cornmeal.
Pumpkin, canned – Farmer’s Market brand makes organic canned pumpkin. Or make your own pumpkin puree from an organic pie pumpkin.
Raisins Look for Newman’s Own Organics brand.
Spices – A variety of organic spices are available from Frontier Natural Products Co-op, McCormick, Morton & Bassett and Simply Organic.
Sugar -  Domino makes organic sugar.
Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage - Look for a local brand of organic turkey sausage or use Applegate Farms Organic Sweet Italian Sausage. Purchase online at The Applegate sausage is pre-cooked, so dice it, add 1 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil to the pan and cook, stirring occasionally until browned, about 5 minutes. 
Turkey, whole - lists local farms and online sources for organic turkeys.
Walnuts -

* This is not a comprehensive list of organic brands and sources.

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