Should You Buy Organic Apples?

By Nicci Micco, September/October 2009

Plus, 4 ways to reduce your exposure to pesticide residues.

"your are very misinformed and misleading others- apples are on the top " dirty dozen list" each person should really do there own research and Any pestisides are bad for you, they are not natural, if they kill bugs, they will kill you...

1. Think about buying certified organic apples. USDA certification restricts all chemical pesticides.

2. Chat with your local grower about his pest-management practices. “Organic certification can be expensive and he may be growing without pesticides but [not marketing as organic] because he doesn’t want to have to raise his prices,” says Wallinga. If a grower is spraying, ask when. “Some growers spray only in the spring before the fruits form,” says Wallinga. “They nip the pests in the bud, so to speak.” Residues generally originate from “preharvest” spraying in the fall after the apples appear.

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