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What You Can Do to Go Phthalate Free

What You Can Do to Go Phthalate Free

  • Choose personal-care products (e.g., shampoos, lotions) and household cleaners free of synthetic fragrance, which often includes phthalates. Opt for those scented with essential oils or nothing at all. “Fragrance-free” or “unscented” on the front of a product sometimes means that the final product doesn’t have an odor; fragrance may have been added to mask another smell. Scan the ingredient list if there is one; if fragrance is listed, it’s often synthetic. (Some manufacturers of safe natural products list natural fragrances this way, too, so if you’re in doubt, contact the company for more information.)
  • Make the bulk of your diet minimally processed fresh foods. Processing and packaging can introduce phthalates into your food.

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