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What You Can Do to Avoid Pesticides in Your Diet

What You Can Do to Avoid Pesticides

  • Start a kitchen garden! It’s easy to grow your own herbs and worth doing: a 2011 report revealed that cilantro is often laced with pesticide residues.
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  • Buy organic fruits and vegetables, particularly those with the highest pesticide residues, such as apples, celery and strawberries. (See the full list at
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  • Consider a water filter certified by the Water Quality Association ( or NSF International ( to screen out pesticides from farms and golf courses that can leach into well water. (Even tap water may contain traces of unregulated pesticides.)
  • Remove your shoes when you enter your home—and ask guests to do the same—to avoid tracking in pesticides sprayed on lawns.
  • Limit lawn chemicals, insecticides and rodenticides. Find natural ways to eliminate pests.

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