What’s the Best Reusable Water Bottle? (Page 8)

Reusable Water Bottle Refill Options

Reusable Water Bottle Refill Options

Refilling your reusable bottle when you’re out of the house can be challenging. But it’s getting easier. Brita offers a BPA-free plastic water bottle with a built-in filter. According to Brita, one filter can replace 300 disposable plastic bottles. The real future may lie in so-called hydration stations that are appearing on campuses, at airports, highway rest stops, parks, office buildings and even band tours—from the Black Eyed Peas to Dave Matthews. Powered by tap water, these modern-day water fountains are specially designed to let you fill your bottle—with no more weird angling or failure to fill to the top. Technology is also helping. New York City, for example, recently launched “Water-on-the-Go,” a phone app to help you locate water stations throughout the five boroughs. The “TapIt” phone app offers a network of eateries across the country where you can refill your bottle with tap water for free.

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