Sushi Master Bun Lai’s Sushi Recipes for the Future

By Lisa Gosselin, "Sushi for the Future," July/August 2012

Find out how Bun Lai makes healthy sushi that’s sustainable and affordable and how you can too.

And those are just the drinks. There are appetizers like Peanut Butter and Jelly—made with real jellyfish—and Tokyo Fro: “This recipe is inspired by the afro; it looks and tastes exactly like a Japanese processed fro!” The menu continues with a wide variety of sushi rolls with incongruous ingredients, such as Tyger Tyger made with tempura tilapia, capelin roe, apricots, goat cheese, pickled radish and African berbere spice. And it ends with an invasive-species menu that includes Wild Swan & Kudzu and Japanese Knotweed Rolls.

“I wanted Bun to present something to these Danish guys that would be local but a little wild and experimental,” Freedman says. Redzepi, 34, is also known for wild and experimental—musk ox and hay are featured ingredients at his starkly elegant, high-end restaurant—and for adding flavors, textures and aromas few can imagine. Redzepi ate it up.

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