Sushi Master Bun Lai’s Sushi Recipes for the Future

By Lisa Gosselin, "Sushi for the Future," July/August 2012

Find out how Bun Lai makes healthy sushi that’s sustainable and affordable and how you can too.

More than a list of dishes, the menu is a vision statement on sustainability, channeling the nutty, brilliant, socially conscious, multicultural and often absurdly funny concepts that ricochet through Bun Lai’s brain. It starts like this:

“Cherokee Sumac Love Potion: Honey sweetened wild sumac sake, made from furry staghorn sumac... forage[d] from my friend’s farm.

“Dragon Lady: Victory drink of lesbian Chinese pirates of the South China Seas. Also popular with sorority girls everywhere!

“Ultraviolet Kisses: designed to taste like the has the same salinity as the South China Seas. Since the Industrial Revolution the oceans have seen a 30% increase of acidity due to human activity. To raise awareness of this alarming problem we have made Ultraviolet Kisses to have a pH of 8.179, the pre-industrial acidity level of the world’s oceans.”

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