How to Live Green: 5 Eating Changes That Have the Biggest Environmental Benefits

How to Live Green: 5 Eating Changes that Have The Biggest Environmental Benefits

If you're trying to live green, check out Danny Seo's 5 suggestions for how to eat and cook more sustainably

On his 12th birthday (Earth Day), Danny Seo founded Earth 2000, which quickly exploded into the country’s largest teenage activist charity, and he’s been campaigning for sustainability ever since. Today, Seo (now 36) has a syndicated column and an extensive line of eco-friendly home and food products, including nonstick cookware that is free of two controversial chemicals (PTFE & PFOA). He is also the best-selling author of nine books, including the Up­cycling series, featuring eco-friendly craft projects. Here he shares his five changes that would have the biggest impact on the planet.

Gretel H. Schueller, Contributing Writer

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